Sunday, November 28, 2021

Session 6 The Rock of Estor; Travelling to Telamok XP. +1240 L4 5445/6500

11/3 Meet with Pythor,

12/3 Chained to Rock of Estor at dusk, kill two basilisks.

13/3 Released at dawn, celebratory feast at palace.

14/3 Leave for Telamok, meet with Centaurs. Overnight at ford inn. Rumours of a great storm in the Cerulean Gulf.

15/3 Into the mountains. Capture and release female Cyclops. See Hands of Kentimane. Approach the Necropolis of Telamok. 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Session 5 5/3-8/3/500 Commander Gaius XP +620 L4 XP: 4205/6500

5/3: Kill 2 maenads & 5 goatlings (1 escapes) and rescue 12 more youths. Rest overnight in the Mossy Temple.

6/3: Leave the Mossy Temple. Kyrah escorts 4 youths to Mytros, accompanied by Meroe. Others head north for Estoria. Leaving the Oldwood & heading west along the north bank of the Arkelon River, when confronted by Commander Gaius of the Order of Sydon astride a silver dragon, then attacked by 5 Sydon-worshipping centaurs. Elpis the Satyr is slain after wounding Gaius, but is returned to life by the intervention of the spirit of her mother Roxana. The centaurs retreat. Camp overnight in a shallow cave.

7/3: Head for Estoria, stay that night at a roadside inn.

8/3: Reach the southern outskirts of Estoria around noon. Aster visits the Dragon Shrine, is thanked by Keeper Aesop, and begins research into the Antikythera Mechanism. Lodging at Dragon's Tooth Inn.

9/3: Elpis gets a breastplate from Volkan's Hall.

10/3: Meroe rejoins the party at the Dragon's Tooth.

11/3: Kyrah rejoins the party. Summoned by the King.

15/3: Night of the Full Moon. Princess Anora due to be sacrificed at the Rock of Estor.



Monster XP:

5 goatlings 250

2 maenads 1400

Total 1650/6 = 275 each.

Youths rescued 120 each.

Battle with Centaurs 225 each.

Total 620 each.

Approaching Estoria

The settlement is nestled between the cliffs of a rocky gorge. The north wall of the town is part of a stone fortress, and protects the town from any dangers that might come from the steppes. Houses, taverns, and shops of all kinds sprawl down from the fortress, filling much of the gorge. The northern wall is defended by a legion of soldiers, while the southern gates admit a steady stream of travelers and merchant caravans. The road that runs south from the gate is lined with tile-roofed inns.

News of your coming with the rescued teens and the Horn of Balmytria precedes you; a small crowd of locals gathers along the roadway to watch as you approach the city. A few of the teens spot relatives, and there are several grateful reunions and shouts of "Praise the Heroes! Praise them with Great Praise!"

The land here seems dry and parched, despite the time of year - clearly it has not rained in weeks. Approaching the city from the south, you see ahead  a caravan of merchants who are also headed towards Estoria. With them are the first domesticated animals you have seen in some time, a herd of bony oxen lumbering along the dusty road.

Meroe is well acquainted with Estoria, though she has not been here in some years. Since the dragon took her mother, her father King Pythor has spent most of his time in a drunken stupor, mixed with the occasional alcoholic rage.


Entering the city, several of the teens are swiftly reunited with their families, to much rejoicing. Here and there is weeping from mothers whose sons will not return.

Accompanied by a small throng of admirers, Corinna and about a half dozen remaining teens whose families dwell in the vineyard vales east of Estoria, you arrive at the city Agora (E5). *Estoria’s well-trodden streets converge at the bustling central agora. A motley assortment of stalls litters the area, from canopies of fine silk to stacks of rotted wooden crates. Merchants at the stalls eagerly vie for your attention with a wide variety of quality wares, all of which seem very reasonably priced. * Around the outside of the agora are long, open air buildings that have shops in the back.  It looks as if you should be able to sell most of your loot here.


As Aster is trading with the merchants, he encounters a starved looking man desperately trying to sell an emerald necklace that he claims to have found at the Necropolis at Telamok.  Claus is willing to sell it for only a few gold, but none of the merchants in Estoria are willing to buy it. Claus spots Aster and sidles over to him. "My friend! This is a mighty *Necklace of Fireballs * taken from the Necropolis - to such as you, only 1 gold!" The plump jeweler Aster was talking to yells: "Claus! Be off with you, and your cursed necklace!" Claus scowls.


Claus mumbles something. The merchant speaks up: "Claus managed to sneak past Damon, the guardian of Telamok, and gain entry to the Necropolis. He stole the necklace from one of the tombs and is now cursed by the gods. As long as he has the necklace he is unable to eat: he just throws up everything. The only way for him to end the curse is for him to sell the necklace to someone who knows how he got it. If he lies when he tries to sell it, or leaves it somewhere, he always wakes up with it in his possession." Claus nods dumbly. "You'll be hungry - but only 'til you sell it to someone else!" he suggests hopefully.


To the west of the Agora is the Amphitheatre, it looks as if a matinee performance is just beginning. To the north on the right is the great smithy of Volkan's Hall, a large building with fortified stone walls and a shingle roof. A sign hangs from the building’s heavy, bronze-banded doors. And beyond that on the left you can make out the large merchant's inn, the Dragon’s Tooth. It's an expansive red brick building with carved white stone accents. 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Session 4 5/3/500 XP 1200, L3>4 XP 3585/6500

Party defeats roots & three ochre jellies in the ancient baths then descends into the grotto, leaving flowers in sacrifice to Sydon at the Gygan statues guarding the stairs. Party explores the grotto & halls beyond, finds & kills Demetria and her Gygan guard, rescues five of her victims, a boy & 4 girls, friends of Corinna from the Estorian vineyards. 6 other boys have already been killed. Elpis takes her mother's ring from Demetria, as well as her bow of cupidity, and drinks from the Horn of Balmytria, falling swiftly asleep.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Session 3 3-5/3/500 XP 345+100 L3 XP: 2385/6500

Claire's Session Account

Meroe joined the party, the hag was defeated and the Oracle released.

A note was found detailing that it was Praxys who wanted the Oracle.

The Oracle prophesied three tasks to all before private one-to-ones with the party members

- Shaking of the Silver Fires

- Claiming of the Mighty Weapons

- Drinking from the Dragon Horn

Oh and Serenfar definitely didn’t kill his captain, this is well known now as the Oracle came out and announced it.

All received a golden arrow from Kyrah and Elpis reluctanty conceded to join the fellowship.

As the party debated where to head to first, Artemis and Elpis headed off to the Oldwoods towards the Mossy Temple to seek the Silver Fires. They encountered a panicked girl running away from goatlings who were promptly shattered. The girl mentioned that a dozen boys and girls had been seduced who were later rescued by a satyr called Laurius.

The full party reunited at the Mossy Temple where there was a squirrel encounter and a broken shield with the symbol of Dragonlord Estor on it.

The party started to enter the deep tunnel of the temple… 

Combat XP

Helaka 450

6 Goatlings 50x6=300

5 Roots 25x5=125

Total: 875/6= 145 each

Quest XP

Rescue Versi 200 each

Total: 345 each

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Session 2 Day 3 afternoon-evening 3/3/500 XP 580+100 account = 680 L3 XP 1940/2700

Elpis (Claire) 

Elpis doesn’t keep a diary, but if she did it might read a bit like this..

So I guess it turns out all those rumours are true and I am gods-damned cursed…

A manticore tried to snack on me on my way to the Oracle – a freaking manticore!?! Before I could deal with it this have-a-go-hero charged up and spooked it away. I managed to get a little hit in – I am NO-ONE’S snack!!

The hero guy turned out to be some fighter called Leander – I have an awful feeling that it’s -that- Leander, the failed thief and family betrayer. He definitely fits the description.. Trailing up along the path behind him was the rest of the party I’d been cutting through the woods to avoid contact with.

Kyrah – a bard who is far too chirpy and ‘helpful’ and seems convinced that my fate is to join and travel with this party… uh right!

Aster – a nymph but not just any nymph, no he’s the freaking god-spawned star nymph! The carnal seducer. Honestly, the latter part’s better than the first as long as he does it far from me.

Seranfar – I thought he was human but he boasts of a draconic magic.. he seems a coward but I’m unsure, didn’t he become captain by stabbing his superior in the back?

As we were all heading to the same place it made sense to walk on to the Oracle together. But it didn’t feel right, there were mephits in the geysers and blue-cloaked soldiers in the temple who made a beeline for Leander (guess I better keep away from him - I don’t need tarnishing with that brush!) But I needed to see the Oracle and there was no way I could get through this many on my own.. I summoned a tentacle from the Deep and I gotta say it was incredibly satisfying seeing it in action. All soldiers but one were slain, many were deceived by Seranfar surrendering then attacking when they least expected it. Aster took the last as a hostage, seemed a rather pointless if noble thing to do. 

Inside the temple there were Sydonites threatening Sydonites, I don’t know why the party made a huge deal out of it.. none of us were here for those godbotherers. Anyway it turned out the Oracle was facing off with a witch below which spooked Leander who shouted out “Pumpkin!” (what the hells?!) and ran off to find a key. Which was trapped, of course, leading the whole group to be attacked by the bloody fanatics. Including me. Big mistake on their part, they won’t be bothering anyone or any god again.

At some point in the fighting Artemis the centaur joined us, I figure she was with the group earlier. She can pack a punch and parties with the best of them from what I’ve seen.

Then the bard Kyrah says that we’re destined to be the team that save the world – I should’ve turned around and walked away..but I needed to see the Oracle. I needed to know.

Fighting our way past a fake door that became a monster and a too-friendly carpet we finally found the Oracle.. being held in place by water and a hag slaughtering her lackey.. how in the hells did a simple trip to the Oracle become so cursed?!


Achievement XP (total)

In the Hills

Manticore scared off - 350

Temple of the Oracle

4 steam mephits - exploded - 50x4 = 200

8 Order of Sydon soldiers - 5 killed, 3 flee (inc Dalpo the Captive) - 100x8=800

Braeca, Sydon cult fanatic - dragged down to the Nether Sea - 450

4 Flying Swords - 50x4=200

Mimic Door - 450

Rug of Smothering - 450

Total: 2900/5 = 580 each.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Session 1 Days 1-3, Spring 500 CE. xp: 260+100 account L3 XP 1260/2700

1/3/500 CE: The heroes met at the Sour Vintage. Artemis the Centaur flirted with the handsome red-bearded hunter Taneias, and was doing well until she gave a very horsey whinny. 

2/3/500 CE: Next dawn they headed out to face the Great Boar. Their first encounter was with a very large sheep, then four thugs menacing a willowy blonde shepherdess Jenesis and beating her aged father Rastus. The heroes and their allies (Kyrah the Bard and the hunters Taneias & Javon) killed or drove off the thugs, rescued the two shepherds, then headed on into the hills. They found the boar's cave but retreated from the foul stench, camping overnight with alarm snares.

3/3/500 CE: The snares alerted the party to the boar's approach in the cold light of dawn. The party offloaded massive attacks on the boar, but though horribly wounded it would not die, until the nymph Aster used magic to send it into magical slumber. Artemis then cut off its head, which spoke to them of fell prophecies. Kyrah revealed to Taneias that he had been fated to die to the boar that day - somehow he had cheated Fate. Was Fate after all not immutable? Aster then took Kyrah the Bard aside for a little chat.... The group then debated which god to sacrifice the boar to, Aster proposed the goddess Kyrah, but Artemis held out for the Mother Goddess Thylea herself, which won the day. After a feast of boar meat and receiving the blessing of Thylea, the heroes then headed for the Oracle's Grotto to learn of their destiny.

Jenesis the Shepherdess, daughter of Rastus
The Great Boar

Session 1 Account - by Jack (Aster)

The Boar and The Bard

Z  The Oracle has prophesised the Doom of Thylea, including the death of the Gods, the destruction of Mytros and the total annihilation of the mortal races. This is believed to occur when the Oath of Peace ends… which is soon. I, along with a handful of warriors of some renown, have been summoned to avert the coming catastrophe.

Z  Apparently, our first task is to be found in the Heartlands. We are to meet a woman named Kyrah[1] at The Sour Vintage. She wants to hire us for a ‘difficult task’, promising a sizeable reward and more information about the Oracle’s prophecy…

Z  This is the diary of Aster, the Aurae nymph of Mytros also known as “Stargazer”. I answered the call of the Oracle, determined not only to save Thylea, but also hoping to find out more about where I came from. For those who don’t know, I crashed to earth on an island outside Mytros only 3 years ago, though my recollection of how I got there is absent, except for fleeting memories and dreams. I have been granted magical gifts by Mytros herself; it would be wrong not to use such gifts to help Thylea in her time of greatest need.

Z  Upon the road from Mytros to the Heartlands, I am accompanied by the human Serenfar, a Captain of the Mytros Centurions. Rumours orbit around him like flies around a corpse. Even I have heard of the sorcerer who saved his ship from certain destruction… or was it the charlatan who murdered his superior officer to create dead man’s shoes to fill? It is dubious company I keep, but he also has been summoned by the Oracle, so perhaps I should place a little more faith in him.

Z  At a crossroads, we meet two others summoned by the Oracle: Leander, a human warrior in ancient armour, and a centaur shieldmaiden named Artemis. The former matches the description of the man who supposedly invoked the wrath of both King Acastus and Queen Vallus, Goddess of Wisdom, also rumoured to be the Oracle’s pet, of sorts. The latter would have been a mystery, was she not so open about her penchant for Bacchaen wine and exacting revenge upon a dragon that murdered her tribe. As we gather outside the inn, whilst Serenfar assists a local smith with his craft, we are suddenly joined by another summoned by The Oracle. I recognise her as Meroë, a warrior monk said to be a daughter of Pythor, the God of Battle, and a denizen of Mytros like Serenfar and myself. Once gathered, we enter as one.

Z  The barkeeper, a lady made famous, as I recall, for hunting a mythical and terrible stag, informs us that Kyrah has a tab open for us, and is currently performing her music for the locals at the other end of the inn. Wishing not to interrupt a bard mid-performance, as well as enjoy the music further, we decide to sit and wait for her. My new compatriots, including the hungover centaur, do not hesitate to add an assortment of alcoholic beverages to the bard’s tab.

Z  Following her set, Kyrah joins us. She seems gleeful despite the serious news she brings. A cursed Giant Boar has been a menace to the local community, attacking the locals and proving too powerful for many adventurers and rangers to handle (Kyrah gestures towards a sullen group of wounded men on a nearby table). This is to be a test, of sorts, to see if The Oracle’s visions of us were true. Though the rest of the group are resistant at first (I am aware of the magic bards can lace into music, but the others apparently are not), Kyrah insists that she will accompany us on this quest. Leander seems especially keen to prove his valour in battle with this foe, or perhaps it is to impress The Oracle? Artemis is also keen to impress, though this is directed towards the more aesthetically pleasing rangers, whom she quickly trots over to. As the others drink, I notice the starlight streaming in through the window: night has come, and my attention immediately goes to that. As I take my wine outside, I hear our centaur friend whinny excitedly – it is the kind of half-squeal that only the most enthusiastic can achieve[2]. As I set out my bedroll for the night, I gaze up at the sky, and see Mytros’s constellation, The Queen’s Crown, shining brightest of all. I am lost in the sheer magnificence of this spectacle for what seems like hours – truly, this is a good omen, the Silver Queen smiles upon us!

Z  In the morning, we are guided across the plains by two of the rangers who had escaped the beast’s attacks (it would seem Artemis’s display in the evening had granted an unexpected benefit), following the destruction left in the boar’s wake. Along the road, we stop suddenly, as Meroë spots a large creature moving towards us. As we brace for attack, we soon relax as it is revealed to be a giant sheep. The reprieve soon dissipates though, as we hear an old man crying for aid ahead. Immediately, we rush to aid, Meroë in the van.

Z  Two muscle-rippling ruffians are beating the feeble man, whilst a younger woman is being held by another two. Their attention soon turns to our group, aided by Kyrah bursting into magical song. Drawing their weapons, Meroë and Leander engage three of them, whilst I illuminate the thugs with Fey magic to make them easier to hit. Despite this, the attackers prove a savage group when together, Meroë sustaining terrible wounds despite her incredible agility. I act quickly, calling upon Mytros to bolster my allies, granting the Demi-Goddess some much needed vitality. The fourth tries to make off with the young woman, but Artemis’s javelin and Serenfar’s fire and threats causes them to jettison their human cargo and make for the wilderness. With the centaur assisting the Oracle’s champion (Leander) and the Daughter of Battle (Meroë), the three are soon dispatched. The old man is thankful for being saved, even more so that his magic sheep is unharmed, but is clearly still distressed about the cursed boar that roams the land. After exchanging kind words with the Sorcerer Captain (Serenfar), the young woman, named Jenesis, assures us that she will escort her father back to the tavern and safety. I pray that the Five will guide their path.

Z  Some time later, the rangers lead us to the Boar’s lair. We note the creature is active at night, but that is soon approaching, and will not allow us time to prepare a trap for it. Under Meroë’s direction, we double back and make camp in a clearing, the surrounding area being carefully filled with trip alarms using our various ropes and Meroë’s tools. I elect to been on watch most of the night, being the only one of this group, that I am aware of, with the eyes to see in the night[3].

Z  In the early morning, as the rangers cook a rabbit, Meroë’s alarm bells ring – the Boar had found us! Before it has the wit to charge our camp, Artemis gallops up to engage the foe – it is a most hideous creature, looking half-dead with atrophied features, yet it appeared twice as dangerous, with it’s sharp tusks and extra barbs, like a giant abortive hedgehog! Though our martial warriors (Artemis, Leander and Meroë) close down the beast, all of our ears are pierced by its cursed cry. I briefly experience my hairs stand on end and a fogginess of mind, but it subsides quickly. The same cannot be said of the rangers and Leander, who all lose focus on the foe, and turn their attention to within. Despite taking blow after blow that should have slain the beast thrice, it still stood firm, surely in an unfathomable amount of pain. I almost pity the creature, wishing its torturous existence to not go on any longer, and pray to the Goddess of Dawn to permit the creature a temporary slumber. With the boar at rest, it falls to Artemis’s great axe to make it permanent – a clean death to end its suffering. Though decapitated, the boar had one last thing to say – and this is not a misuse of that term! An unearthly voice creaks from the boar’s mouth, warning us that we, along with the rest of Thylea are doomed, and nothing we can do can stop what is to come. Kyrah confirms our suspicions that this may indeed be Sydon, one of the Titans who will seek to bring ruin to the land. Only the Oath of Peace stands in his way, and that is soon to end.

Z  To finally cleanse the creature and the land of its curse, Kyrah insists we sacrifice the boar in the name of one of the Gods. With my suspicions of her true identity, I propose sacrificing the boar in the name of Kyrah, Goddess of Music. Only Serenfar (of all people) agrees with this since it was Kyrah’s music, and Mytros’s magical slumber through me, that ultimately defeated the creature. Despite my efforts to convince and beguile Artemis, she insists we offer the boar to Thylea herself, the first Titan and Great Mother of all, since this is a creature of her land – Meroë agrees, and Leander eventually concedes to this. They, along with Serenfar, begin to build a pyre, whilst I take Kyrah aside.

Z  As someone demonstrating a good understanding of the Gods, I confess that, as someone deriving power from Mytros, I cannot dishonour the Five by partaking in a ritual dedicated to one of the Titans. Kyrah assuages me, however, noting that eventually the two sides (that of the Titans and the Five) will need to unite to create peace. Of all the Titans, Thylea does not possess wickedness or cruelty like her offspring. There is something in the manner of her speaking that at once reassures me and prompts me to ask the question that has plagued me since we met. After some hesitation, Kyrah reveals she is indeed the Goddess of Music herself! I have never met a God before, and so lose myself in silly questions about what title to refer to her by and how to treat her. She is refreshingly down-to-earth, asking that I refer to her only as Kyrah, and not to identify her to others outside of my new comrades. She notes I will have to be honest with them, since we are all about to take an Oath of Fellowship, and I will need people I can trust before we meet The Oracle tomorrow. They are a strange group, I admit to the Goddess, but I believe there is good in each of them. I return to the group and help them build the pyre. As the smell of cooked boar fills the air, I feel a presence rise up through the ground and into my body – perhaps Thylea has granted us a blessing. Shortly, we will gather our things and head to meet The Oracle, Kyrah in tow. I pray that both the Five’s and The Oracle’s faith has been well-placed in us!

[1] Kyrah is also the name of the Goddess of Music, and the Kyrah we are to meet is a bard. Surely, this cannot be a coincidence?

[2] I have heard a sound of this kind once before, when I was approached by a gaggle of maidens in Mytros, who seemed to know me only by reputation and were seemingly enraptured by my mere presence.

[3] I also find myself at my most conscious and alert at night, the midday sun seems to give me a lethargy of sorts. I am not sure if this is always true of my kind since I have yet to meet another Aurae Nymph.

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Odyssey of the Dragonlords (5e)



You are known throughout Thylea as mortals destined to perform great deeds. The citizens of the great city of Mytros already tell stories of your exploits, both real and imagined. Now, it seems, the time has come for you to rise and meet your fate.

Schedule: fortnightly Sundays 6pm-9pm from 19/9/21 to 31/4/22:
2021 (6): 19/9 3/10 17/10 31/10 14/11 28/11 
2022 (9): 9/1 23/1 6/2 20/2 6/3 20/3 3/4 17/4 31/4
Then likely continue fortnightly Sundays, but may switch to Wednesdays weekly for part of the summer.

The Heroes of Prophecy
PC Level: 4 Fame: 5 (group) 2 (Elpis) XP: 5445/6500
1. Meroë (Μερόη) - Judith. Human female Demigod Monk - Way of the Shield. 
2. Aster - Jack. Aurae (Star) Nymph male Lost One Twilight Cleric. AC 18 HP 23
3. Seranfar - Bill. Human male Gifted One Draconic Fire Sorcerer. AC 16 HP 36
4. Leander - Kermit. Human male Vanished One (Dragonlord) Battlemaster Fighter. AC 19 HP 36
5. Elpis - Claire. Satyr female Haunted One Warlock. AC 18 HP 31
6. Artemis - Jelly. Centaur female Dragonslayer Herculean Barbarian. AC 14 HP 45

1. Kyrah, Goddess of Music 

Kyrah the Muse, Goddess of Music

D&D Beyond campaign site & join link.

PC XP by Level 
Level    Total XP 
3                900 (campaign start)
4              2700 
5              6500
6            14000 
7            23000
8            34000 
9            48000 
10          64000 
11          85000  
12        100000 
13        120000 
14        140000 
15        165000 
16        195000
17        225000 
18        265000 
19        305000 
20        355000 
Regular advancement stops at Level 20, but Level 20 characters may receive Epic Boons (per DMG) from the gods and other powers. Some may even become gods themselves. Epic Boons may include a Feat or a +2 Attribute boost of the player's choice; Attribute maxima remain unchanged, but PCs who have achieved divinity typically have one attribute at 30. 

The future of Thylea looks grim. Monsters menace
the roads, and corruption threatens the cities. The
storm god Sydon demands daily sacrifices at every
temple, and his sister-wife Lutheria kidnaps children
for her secret rituals. The Five Gods, who once
protected the settlers, are silent. And now, the Oracle
has prophesied the Doom of Thylea: the death of
gods, the destruction of Mytros, and the total annihilation
of the mortal races.
You are one of a group of warriors who have been
summoned to the Heartlands in an attempt to avert
this coming catastrophe. You each have reasons for
answering the call, but rumors of your coming have
already spread across the land.
The Sour Vintage is a traditional country inn located at
a crossroads, a three day walk east from the City of
Estoria. The exterior is rustic wood painted black, and
the sign hanging from the door depicts a woman carrying
a basket full of grapes. Inside the tavern, a haze of
pleasant tobacco smoke lingers in the air. You hear the
clinking of mugs and the muttering of patrons, most of
whom are farmers.
You have been summoned here by a woman named
Kyrah who wants to hire you for a ‘difficult task’. She
has promised a sizable reward, and more information
about the Oracle’s prophecy...

Estoria Region 2 miles/hex

The Heartlands, approx 2 miles/hex. Estor's king is Pythor, god of War. Mytros is ruled by mortal King Acastus, married to the former ruler Vallus, goddess of Wisdom. Aresia under mortal Queen Helen lies across the Cerulean Gulf. Aresia holds Narsus, god of Beauty. 

The Titan Kentimane, the Hundred Handed One

The Collossus of Pythor at Mytros

Estoria Key:
E1. Public Amphitheater
E2. North Gate
E3. South Gate
E4. East Gate
E5. The Agora
E6. Residential
E7. The Dragon Shrine - Reliquary of Balmytria. Keeper Aesop (Elf Priest, Male)
E8. The Dragon’s Tooth Inn. Innkeep Delphion (Human Veteran, Male)
E9. Volkan’s Hall. City Smithy. Volkan (Dwarf, Male)
E10. The King's Palace. King Pythor (God, Human Male). Princess Anora (Human Noble, Female)
E11. The Rock of Estor. Sacrificial rock.
E12. The Northern Steppes
E13. The Estorian Vineyards. Thericles Phobas (Human Scout, Male, adoptive father of Corinna)
E14. 3 miles to Woodhike, Halfling Enclave


1. Elpis, the Haunted One
A short young satyr with a straggly mop of black hair and pale blue eyes that fail to mask a haunted hollowness within, Elpis is known for being a lone satyr from the Oldwoods. Although quiet and subdued compared to the revelry of other satyrs she seems mostly harmless.
However according to recent rumours..
1. Don't enter a drinking contest or you'll lose more than your coin. She sold her soul to a demon and must trade another's or she will never dance or sing again.
2. She's lost it- satyrs aren't meant to live alone and the strain has clearly driven her mad, making her ramble and rant about imaginary friends and family. Sad really.
3. She's been cursed with a dark and terrible magic - strange sights and sounds have been reported from her part of the Oldwoods and what kind of satyr refuses to play music?

Meroë, daughter of Pythor, the Demigoddess
2. Meroë, the Demigoddess 
1. Meroë is the daughter of Pythor, God of Battles, and Ophea.  It’s said that Pythor, seeing Ophea in the arms of Lykos the Captain of his Guard, killed them both in a jealous rage.  His faithful retainers covered it up by saying Ophea had been kidnapped and Lykos had been killed trying to prevent it.  Guilt and melancholy over the killing is the reason why Pythor stays in Estoria.
2. When she was a young girl, under the orders of King Acastus, Meroë was taken to Aresia and imprisoned in a tower guarded by a cadre of hoplites.  Single-handedly she escaped and returned to Mytros, leaving the hoplites foolishly guarding an empty tower.
3. Meroë was separated at birth from her twin brother Meron.  While Meroë was sent away, Meron’s existence was kept secret by King Acastus in order to give him time to train him to be the first of a new generation of Dragonlords in time for the end of the Oath of Peace.

Meroë (Μερόη)

Aster the Aurae, the Lost One
3. Aster, the Lost One
A nymph from a distant land, Aster appeared in Mytros only a few years ago, crashing to earth on a nearby island. He has spent most of his time studying the constellations and the Gods. Known as “Stargazer” for his habit of staring into the sky at all hours of the day, he has an otherworldly charm which has attracted a lot of attention - though usually unintentionally. He also appears to be far more active in the evening than the day, which has only furthered some of the locals suspicions about him - though he maintains a good relationship with scholars and the clergy.
1. Aster was born from a star.
2. He is a son of the "Silver Queen" Mytros, sent to earth by her to carry out her divine will.
3. The nymph has used his beguiling magic to ensnare several young women, and keeps them on his private island as his thralls and concubines.

Artemis the Centaur
 4. Artemis, the would-be Dragonslayer
Hailing from an Arcadian island in the Forgotten Sea, Artemis is the last of her woodland centaur tribe. Rumours relating to Artemis:
- She has learnt fae magic from the denizens of the wild forests she now frequents, and has become addicted to Bacchaen wine.
- Spurned by a lover, she betrayed her tribe to a dragon, who destroyed them all in fire and blood.
- She is the daughter of the Queen of the Amazons and her favourite stallion, and thus is said to be favoured by the God of War. 

5. Leander, the Vanished One
Leander is clearly a battle-hardened fighter. He has a bronze breastplate made with a skill that was lost many years ago, and greaves with silver ankle-pieces. A faded, tattered cloak is thrown around his shoulders, and his presence is surrounded by rumours and tall tales including these:
1. He killed his father and two elder brothers in order to take the armour of his grandfather which he wears, but the slaying of his family has brought the wrath of Vallus, goddess of wisdom, down upon him. She has cursed him to wander Thylea searching for a homeland, but has stolen his memories of where he belongs as punishment for his betrayal of his family.
Leander, the Vanished One
2. The Oracle has sent him into the world and has prophesied that he will play a pivotal role in the mortals' battle against the Titans, but she cannot discern whether he will lead them to glorious victory or to their doom.
3. He is the ringleader of a plot to steal the most valuable treasure of King Acastus from the vaults below the palace in Mytros, but the secret has been discovered and the King has sent assassins to find him.

6. Seranfar, the Gifted One
Seranfar the Sorcerer is a former Captain of the Centurions of Mytros. He won acclaim in the last war with Aresia across the Cerulean Gulf.
Rumours relating to Serenfar:
1) He saved his ship by mending the mast during a great storm, allowing him and the rest of the crew to make it back home.
2) During the war he used sorcery to kill his superior, the Mytroan aristocrat Captain Aladec, then used his unearthly persuasion to take Aladec's position.
3) In Mytros he goes round to local houses at night and repairs broken toys and assorted items out of kindness without letting himself be known.


Aurae Nymph
The Astral Sea, or Heavenly Sea of Stars, lies above the World, and is considered the domain of the ascended goddess Mytros, though beyond the Queen's Crown there are still many Titanic monsters and other threats there, such as the Githyanki star pirates, renegades from another dimension, and the terrible Astral Dreadnought, a mighty servant of the Titans. Its counterpart the Nether Sea lies below the World, and is considered the domain of Chaos and the Elder Titans, especially Lutheria. Aurae nymphs are said to sail the calmer islands of the astral sea/sea of stars in their starfaring vessels, and this is the realm of the angelic Celestials, many serving Mytros, great goddess of the Heavens. Most of the fixed stars visible from Thylea are celestial island domains - a few stars are said to themselves be horrible monsters, or like Mystros' personal demesne of Hestavar the Bright City (on the Astral Isle of Elysium/Isle of the Blessed, in the Constellation of the Queen's Crown) they may simply be too radiant for mere mortals to approach without burning up. But the majority of astral domains may be navigated to by star-faring vessels. It is said that on moonlit nights the silvery sea-spray can form shining bridges or star streams between the astral sea and the seas of the mortal World, though only the master navigators of the Aurae, and perhaps the Gygans, know the secret of their navigation.

Iarila, Aasimar Captain of the astral ship Stargazer
Iarila is Protector Aasimar Priestess of the dawn goddess Mytros, and a citizen of the Queen's Crown, the ring of astral island dominions that shine in the light of Hestavar, the goddess' own Bright City. She was captain of the famous astral ship Stargazer, Aster the Aurae her second in command. She was said to be seeking the long-lost Treasures of the Dragonlords in preparation for the soon-coming dark times, when the Oath of Peace finally ends. However three years ago (497 CE) the Stargazer was lost during a terrible storm in the Cerulean Gulf; it is unknown if there were any survivors. Iarila's Game Stats


Characters: Use the campaign  Player's Guide at eg

Character Creation
Use either Standard Array, Point Buy, or roll at table (or GM rolls): best 3 of 4d6 in order, then replace any one attribute with a 15.
Human PCs get both Standard & Variant human benefits, so effectively Variant Human with an additional  +1 to all Attributes.
PCs initially start at 3rd level, with 900 XP. This game uses a single party XP tally, so new PCs come in at party level.
Permitted sources are the PHB, XGTE, and the Odyssey Player's Guide. Other setting-appropriate sources will be considered, including appropriate races from VGTM.
Multiclassing is permitted, with a maximum of one spellcasting class per Attribute (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma).
Characters who start with Heavy Armour Proficiency (eg Fighter, Paladin) as a Class (not subclass) benefit may swap it for this alternate Feat:  Hoplon Master (Feat): Requires STR 13+, martial weapon proficiency. The character may wield a Lance (heavy spear, Hoplon) one-handed on foot, as if mounted.

PC Armour Proficiency: Starting Armour
Light: Studded Leather
Medium: Breastplate
Heavy: Breastplate or Chain Mail

New Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Simple Melee Weapons
Long Spear** 2 gp 1d6 piercing 4 lb. Versatile (1d8), Reach (10')
Martial Melee Weapons 
Mace-Axe 15 gp 1d8 slashing or blunt 7 lbs. Versatile (1d10)
War Spear* 8 gp 1d8 piercing 4 lbs. Versatile (1d10), Thrown (range 20'/60')
Martial Ranged Weapon 
Chakram 10 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lbs. Thrown (range 60'/120'); Finesse, Light, Monk weapon
Special: The chakram returns to you when thrown, unless you fumble the attack by rolling a natural 1. 

*War Spear may be used with Polearm Master feat.
**Longspear, Pike or Lance used with Polearm Master feat allows opportunity attack, but not bonus attack.

ArmorCostArmor Class (AC)StrengthStealthWeight
Light Armor
  Padded5 gp11 + Dex modifier
Disadvantage8 lb.
  Leather10 gp11 + Dex modifier10 lb.
  Studded leather
45 gp12 + Dex modifier13 lb.
Medium Armor
  Hide10 gp12 + Dex modifier (max 2)12 lb.
  Chain shirt
50 gp13 + Dex modifier (max 2)20 lb.
  Scale Mail
50 gp14 + Dex modifier (max 2)Disadvantage45 lb.
  Breastplate100 gp14 + Dex modifier (max 2)20 lb.
  Half Plate
250 gp15 + Dex modifier (max 2)Disadvantage40 lb.
Heavy Armor
  Ring Mail
30 gp14Disadvantage40 lb.
  Chain Mail
75 gp16Str 13
Disadvantage55 lb.
  Splint200 gp17Str 15
Disadvantage60 lb.
  Plate600 gp18Str 15
Disadvantage65 lb.
  Shield10 gp+26 lb.

House Rules


Rogues may Sneak Attack with any light melee weapon.

Each player (not PC) can hand Inspiration out once each session to one other player, normally for some cool bit of roleplay. Characters may have multiple Inspiration. It may be used before the roll to cancel Disadvantage or to grant Advantage. It cannot affect a roll that already has Advantage.

Short Rest takes 10 minutes. A Short Rest resource (Battlemaster Superiority Dice, Monk Ki, Warlock spell slots, etc) may be restored at most 3 times per day.
Long Rest takes 5 Days in the wilderness or on a ship deck, 4 Days in poor habitation such as an inn common room,  3 Days at a shared inn room, ship cabin or similar, 2 Days at a luxury inn room, palace chamber, or temple refuge. A Long Rest restores all hit dice. 
A comfortable overnight rest restores 1 level of Exhaustion and 2 hp per level (classed character), or 1 hp per hit die (unclassed).


The following incur opportunity attacks if done within enemy reach:
Shooting a bow, except a crossbow
Reloading a bow or similar weapon
Standing from prone
Picking up an object (such as a dropped weapon) from the floor and standing back up

The following use up half a character's movement:
Standing from prone (as per RAW)
Picking up an object from the floor and standing back up
Mounting or dismounting a mount.

Grappled Casting: At the grappler's option, a character who attempts to cast a spell (except a cantrip) while Grappled must make a CON save at DC 10 or else lose the spell. If Restrained or Grappled & Prone, the save is with Disadvantage.

PC Advancement
PC level increase requires only a Short Rest (10 minutes). Wizard PCs must take the usual times to add new spells to their spell book. 

Maximum AC & Spell Save DC is 30.
Maximum To-Hit Bonus & Save Bonus is +20.
Skills are not capped, but DCs rarely exceed 30 (Nearly Impossible).

Spell Changes

Summoning & Conjuration
Summoning is generally more restricted in Thylea, though fey are common.
Animate Objects - animated objects cannot fly. Only objects with legs or wheels (or spherical) are able to move and attack.
Conjure Woodland Beings - only usable in forests; typically summons forth several Satyrs (CR 0.5), a local Dryad or two (CR 1), or possibly a Naiad/Nereid (CR2), if cast by a a forest pool. There are no Pixies here! If there are no fey available, the spell fails.
Simulacrum - the created snow Simulacrum is CR 0 with all stats at 10, 10 hp, and no spellcasting ability.

Gentle Repose - this spell prevents both bodily decay, and the claiming of souls by Lutheria, for its duration.
Revivify - May be employed within the duration of Gentle Repose. Casters often employ other precious stones of equivalent value linked to their nature, eg fire opal for a flame priest, pearl for an oceanid bard.
Raise Dead, Reincarnation, Resurrection, True Resurrection - raising or reincarnating the dead once their souls have been claimed by Lutheria (one hour after death) is generally regarded as impossible (and this game uses a single party XP tally, so new PCs come in at the party level), but there are legends of Heroes venturing into the Underworld/Nether Sea to recover a lost loved one. A few even return.
Clone creates a newborn infant with no memory of a previous life.

Contagion: as per 5e Errata.
Force Cage: victims adjacent to the Cage wall when it forms are allowed to use their Reaction to make a DEX save to get out, moving 5' to just outside cage. Caster can still auto-trap people within the 20x20 version, but not quite as many.
Banishment works normally, but Thylea, her Astral Sea, and her Nether Sea, all count as a single Plane for Banishment purposes, so natives of all three will return to their original location once the spell ends. The occasional recent invader from another Dimension may be Banished normally; however foreign-born creatures that have lived for many years in Thylea may be considered Native.

PCs Starting at Higher Level

Higher level PCs use the rules above, with either the Medium Magic starting items from the DMG chosen by the player, or the High Magic starting items chosen by the DM, at player's option.

PC Level Starting Gold / Starting Items Medium/High
3-4                 -                        /                      -        /   -
5-10       500gp+25gp/level      /                    -         /  1 Uncommon    
11-16     5,000gp+125gp/level  /                   2 Uncommon / 3 Uncommon + 1 Rare
17-20   20,000gp+125gp/level / 2 Uncommon + 1 Rare / 3 Uncommon + 1 Rare + 1 Very Rare

Replacement PC Epic Path
Choose a different Path than your previous PC. Either an unchosen path, or the same path as another current PC - you share their destiny.

Session Account XP awards by Party Level
For a full session account; partial and vignettes get fractional.
Tier I (level 3-4): 100 XP
Tier II (level 5-10): 200 XP
Tier III (level 11-16): 500 XP
Tier IV (level 17-19): 1000 XP
To earn the XP, post the account (with session number) in the comments section below, or in the Discord Odyssey Game Info channel.

According to legend, only at the Forge of Volkan may the greatest items be crafted.

Thylean Paladin
Thylean Fighter
Aresian Warrior Monk
Thylean Warlock

The Sour Vintage Inn, between the Oldwoods and the River Lethe. Proprietor is Aetala the Huntress.

Session 6 The Rock of Estor; Travelling to Telamok XP. +1240 L4 5445/6500

11/3 Meet with Pythor, 12/3 Chained to Rock of Estor at dusk, kill two basilisks. 13/3 Released at dawn, celebratory feast at palace. 14/3 L...